A Guide to Sunstone

Physical Healing Energy

This stone has a warming effect on the body, which in turn enhances blood circulation, metabolism, vitality, and other functions of the body. It strengthens the immune system as well and is helpful in treating throat problems, stomach problems, ulcers, cartilage problems, cramps, fever, athletic injuries, rheumatism, and all types of infections.

It is also considered an excellent stone for curing depression, anxiety, stress and warding off evil dreams and nightmares. It can harmonize the functions of all organs and improve the overall health of the body.

Chakra Healing System

The stone encompasses the energy of light and sun, which can cleanse the Base and the Sacral chakra.

The Base chakra, also known as the Root chakra is positioned at the bottom of the spine. It controls our physical movement and feelings. If your Base chakra is out of balance, then you will feel constant laziness, low enthusiasm, and lethargy. Sunstone has the power to balance your Base chakra, which consequently will fill your body with renewed strength and balance your energy levels, enabling you to enjoy life at the fullest!

On the other hand, the Sacral chakra is considered the life force of the body. It is situated between the navel and the pubic bone and regulates the energy flow in the body. All the intuitive and psychic powers are connected with this chakra. Therefore, if your Sacral chakra stays in balance, you will not face any difficulty in relating with your gut feelings. It will enhance the communication between all the energy levels and will relieve you of all the negative feelings like frustration, depression, and emotional dependency.

Feng Shui

Sunstone carries the power of fire, which is symbolic for enthusiasm, illumination, and warmth.  It has the power to enhance emotions and encourage passion in people. The stone is yang in nature and it brings out the qualities associated with maternal love. Placing its crystal in the southern part of the home or room will fill the room with brightness and energy. These bright colored crystals can also enhance the overall look of the room as well and make it look pleasant and welcoming.

The Color Energy

The striking golden-yellow color of this stone signifies positive energy. Traditionally it was considered a royal color; the color of Kings, monarchs, and rich people. This color has the power to influence our deepest parts of the brain and conjure mystical visions that can help the wearer in attaining spiritual heights.

The lightness of the color also represents the simple pleasures of life that can eliminate the darkness and generate hope in demented souls. The gold color also relates to happiness in life-long commitments and relationships. By bringing this stone in your life, you attract all the positive energies that are fundamental requirements for life.

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Finding the Right Sunstone!

Like all gemstones, sunstones can also have inclusions, exterior particles that affect the appearance and reflection of light. In the case of these stones, the inclusions are often in the form of tiny plates copper, goethite, and hematite depositions that can change the appearance of the sunstones.

Most of the time, these inclusions increase their desirability as they are reflective and enchant the viewer by emitting unique flashes of light. Usually these inclusions are extremely small and are not visible to the naked eye as they are very thin. Only a trained gemologist can detect them with the help of a microscope.

The cost of these stones is also dependent on the cut. If it is cut at random orientation then the reflection of light will be optimal; and hence cost low. On the contrary, if the stone is cut in platelets positioned parallel to the bottom and top of the stone then it will reflect amazing light and consequently will cost more.

The Oregon sunstone is considered the best for jewelry but it cannot be found easily in jewelry stores. They are usually available at designer shops that sell unique and customizable jewelry. In short, their uniqueness makes them expensive stones. If you are lucky enough to find one at a jewelry store, then don’t let it go!