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iodite gemstone

A Guide to Iolite

Iolite, also known as Water Sapphire and Cordierite, belongs to the mineral family Cordierite and has an exquisite violet- blue hue that can instantly enchant the viewers. Iolite stones have an interesting property known as pleochroism, which means that the stone exhibits different colors when viewed at different angles. The main color of the stone is of the violet and indigo shade but when viewed at different positions it reflects light blue or a honey color.


Iolite is not a traditional birthstone for any month but it is the natural birthstone for people born in winter solstice i.e. from 21st December to 19th January. It is also considered a powerful stone for Arians and Pisceans. It is also considered the ideal gemstone for twenty first wedding anniversary. (more…)

quartz stone

What Are Quartz var. Chalcedony Dusted With Pyrite?

Quartz crystals from the 2nd generation occur in a number of different habits including individual multiple growth crystals, clusters of radiating multiple growth crystals or flower quartz and thick seams or crusts of drusy multiple growth crystals. In general, crystals from this generation are vitreous but internally clouded.

The most aesthetic examples from this generation are individuals and clusters resting on second generation ferroan dolomite. An example of a multiple growth flower quartz cluster is displayed in the photo to the upper right. The 2nd picture to the right exhibits a classic specimen of 2nd generation quartz crystals sprinkled on second generation ferroan dolomite.

Most quartz crystals from this generation typically have moderately to severely etched prism faces. This is generally more pronounced in larger crystals. Smaller crystals will typically have a series of etched, graphic markings on the prism faces perpendicular to the terminations of the crystal. (more…)